The Woman Men Adore Review

The Woman Men Adore Review

How to get the attention of a good-looking and charming man?

Well, good looks can be a subjective concept.

Woman ‘A’ might prefer a man who has muscles, while Woman ‘B’ might like a clean-shaven and lean man. Women and men have their preferences, and that’s the beauty of the world.

Perhaps you are trying to get hitched in the coming years, but the man you love is interested in another woman. Maybe he loves you back, but he has some doubts too. As we mentioned before, everyone has their preferences.

Every woman wants to be loved unconditionally. It is possible that your heart desires to get complete love from the man you are in a relationship with. Does he have commitment issues? Do you fear losing him? Is he acting distant? Has he stopped loving you? Of course, these thoughts come into your head time and again.

That’s precisely why Bob Grant has launched a program called, ‘The Woman Men Adore.’

The question is – Are you THE woman that men adore? Ranking yourself on a scale of 10 is a waste of time. Self-reflection can be biased. That’s why we thought of reviewing the program for you. We are sure there are dozens of questions hovering over your mind.

The Questions could be the following:

  • Will the course help me get a man?
  • What type of women does a man adore?
  • Why I purchase a course? There is free advice all over the World Wide Web.

For starters, the free advice comes from those who have no in-depth knowledge. They do their job by following a word-count. In addition, the advices are not universal. How do they know about male psychology? Are you trying to say that a psychiatrist spends years to get a degree for no reason? The free articles are not written by experts.

Should you be purchasing the program?

This comprehensive review will help you out in multiple ways. Let’s get started!

What is ‘The Woman Men Adore’ All About?

Bob Grant is a professional consultant and a relationship coach. He sure knows what he is talking about! The guide is meant for all those women who have been trying to get the total attention of a man. Now, it does not tell you how to GET a man (that’s just the beginning). If you want your man to ADORE you, there is a whole new different angle there.

He talks about the killer attraction skills and what goes inside a man’s head. While there are free advices all over the internet, Bob Grant has spent 20 years in this field. He has been guiding female clients for more than two decades. In addition, he has helped many of them to build a successful relationship with the man.

The hand-book elaborates the five-step process that helps in keeping your man interested and happy. Well, if he loves you, it will not be too much of a hard work. A little guidance from an expert does not hurt, especially when the handbook is pocket-friendly.

How Does ‘The Woman Men Adore’ Program Help?

The author of the handbook has no intention to change you as a woman. He has focused on making women understand the psychology of men. Well, men come in different sizes, shapes, and thought processes. Not every man is built the same way. But, there are a couple of similarities too.

There are a total of five modules in the book. These include:

  • The One Emotion That Men Desire/Crave: Vulnerability
  • What do men REALLY want?
  • The Transformational Process
  • Personality & Perception: The Johari Window
  • Keeping the ‘MAGICAL’ Quality

The different modules in the book contain several chapters. In the beginning, the author tells you about the six desirable qualities that a woman needs to have. A man craves for vulnerability. He desires a woman who feels this emotion strongly.

Men may not say it often, but they are sensitive creatures. They want as much love and care in their relationship.

As you move forward, the author talks about male psychology. How does a man’s brain work in a relationship? Bob, the author, even explains how a woman’s mind works.

Getting your relationship back on track is important! You have to understand male psychology for the same.

The author explains in the last chapter about certain category of men who might not get affected by the methods. The last chapter is quite relevant, and it is an eye-opener for many.

The Pros and Cons of ‘The Woman Men Adore’


  • Easy to comprehend.
  • The methods work in most cases.
  • The handbook/program is an inexpensive way to deal with marital/relationship issues.
  • It gives a male perspective. That’s what you need!
  • The handbook is written by an expert with 20 years of experience.


  • There are no audio or video aids.
  • A separate The Woman Men Adore club (chargeable)

Everything about the hand-book (content-wise) is great. But, there are some people who like hearing audios and enjoy watching videos.

Reading a book requires patience. But, well, even a fulfilling relationship is built on patience, trust, and understanding.

Should You Invest in the Book?

We can answer this question in multiple ways. For starters, we are not aware of your current situation. Do you have a troubled relationship? Is your man getting disinterested? On second thoughts, it will help any woman to understand male psychology.

There are avid readers who skim through murder mystery, horror, and psychological books. Why not invest in this? It is certainly a good read. Moreover, it helps you to take control of your relationship.

We find that many women think it is disrespectful to change oneself for a man. But, if you love the man, you will put in the efforts.

The author has done a stellar job in giving a step-by-step relationship-saving advice. He speaks from his experience! So, yes, it is worth the price.

Written by Red Crown Review

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