The Bad Boy Blueprint Review

The Bad Boy Blueprint Review

Women keep playing games with innocent men like you. That’s true, isn’t it? She tries to seduce you and then calls you a ‘friend.’ Well, we do understand your plight. Friend zoning does not feel great to a man who wants to slip into your pants!

Sometimes, you wish to get into a woman’s head to understand what she is thinking. What are these crazy mind games she is playing?

If you are tired of being a part of the game plan, there is a solution to get rid of that. You can have any woman you like and make her yours. With The Bad Boy Blueprint, you will become sexually attractive to a woman. She would no longer play games with you because you will be irresistible for her.

All she would desire is to hit the sack with you!

Here’s a Bad Boy Blueprint review just for you. Before purchasing anything, we like our readers to be fully aware of the program. Is it effective? Will it work in real life? You shall find your answers here.

About the Author

Dean Cortez was a writer, but he entered the dating coach industry to help men and women to play the LOVE game!

Considering the author and creator has spent a lot of time in devising this program for you, the information and techniques given within the program are legit.

What is Bad Boy Blueprint All About?

Do you have a major crush on a woman? Well, crushes are a thing of the past. Teenagers have crushes! But, you could have a strong liking towards a girl. Maybe you find her breasts beautiful and wish to see what they look like in real. Perhaps a very intelligent girl in your office is blowing your mind. The way she speaks the truth and waves her hand is making you bonkers.

You muster up a little bit of courage and head straight to her. What if she turns you down? Your confidence level goes down. This shouldn’t be happening!

And that’s when BAD BOY BLUEPRINT comes into the picture.

The Bad Boy Blueprint is basically a course/program specially designed for men. Dean Cortez is the author of this highly effective program.

It is a detailed and informative blueprint that ensures total success. You will achieve the results that your heart desires.

Why is it called the BAD BOY BLUEPRINT? Is it just meant for BAD boys? Well, we are sure that you are a lovely human, but almost every man wants to get down and dirty with the ladies. Ladies get attracted to the bad boys who can make them moan between the sheets.

At the end of the program, you will become this amazingly attractive man who is ON demand.

What Does The Bad Boy Blueprint Comprise of?

Nothing is wrong with you, my friend. But, perhaps, you are using the wrong techniques to capture her heart. She fell for the bad guy instead of you for a number of reasons.

How are you approaching her? What are you doing to make her yours? Maybe nothing at all! The creator gives out the secret to capture the desirable woman’s attention.

Dean Cortez explains why the nice guys struggle to bed the woman they like. Why is it that the bad guy gets the girl all the time? Crying in one corner is not going to help you.

Now, imagine yourself in a shopping arcade. You see a very attractive woman who is dressed up in a Kim Kardashian outfit. It is natural that you will look at her boobs and her butt. As men, you have the tendency to look, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But, a woman is completely different from a man. She is not looking at your penis or the pecks behind your shirt. The woman gets turned on by confidence (and not over-confidence). Over-confidence is a turn-off for most women. Cocky confidence is a turn on for a woman.

Who possesses cocky confidence? The BAD guy!

This blueprint system will help you to achieve the bad boy edge. That’s what a woman craves!

You are also getting bonuses with this program. Who doesn’t love bonuses, mate?

These bonuses are nothing but mini-guides. The bonuses/mini guides include:

  • How To Have Fearless Conversations
  • Same Night Lays Roadmap
  • Rewire Your Brain For Unstoppable Success With Women
  • Threesome
  • Advanced Secrets of Sexual Code Reading

The question is – Does this program work? Before we answer that, skim through the pros and cons of the program. This will help you gain insight about what is amazing about this program and what does not work.

The Pros and Cons of the Program

An unbiased review is a good review! We jotted down the pros and cons for you.


  • It is highly effective program.
  • You get bonuses along with the program.
  • It is easy to comprehend and implement.


  • It will take effort and time to go through the program.
  • You have to bid adieu to the shy side of yours.

Why should you invest in the program?

Pass a bottle of beer as we are going to reveal something crucial here.

The Bad Boy Blueprint is not a scam. It is developed by a legit dating coach. He has been an author in the past, so you would know that he will not misguide you.

An author spends a lot of time in research before devising a plan.

You will get audio CD(s) and written texts. All these materials will guide you through the process.

If you are someone who is on a mission to win the girl and take her to bed, then this program is highly beneficial. Don’t get fooled by what’s written all over the internet. Half-baked knowledge has never helped anyone.

$47 is a small price to pay for some golden advice. The author has done extensive research to put together this great program.

If you are shy and are tired of the bad guys taking away the good girls, you can join the club by knowing their secrets. The Bad Boy Blueprint shall transform you completely!

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