Thats Not How Men Work Review

Thats Not How Men Work Review

Marni Kinrys knows men and the ways to get their attention! In every woman’s heart, there is a desire of being every man’s dream woman. Men do not want you to know what goes on in their head! Whether it is commitment issue or a general thought of liking a woman a lot, he will never show it to you. Of course, exceptions are always there. But, we are talking about women who would want to get every man’s attention.

Marni Kinrys has spent a lot of time to research about male psychology. That’s Not How Men Work is a wonderful program developed for women. The professional dating coach has revealed the deep secrets to make you appealing to any man. Walk into the bar and get the attention of any man you desire. But, before that, you would need to get your hands on this program.

Here’s a complete review of the program. What are the pros and cons? What it is all about? Who should invest in this program? We will tell you about all that and more through this review. Read on to find out whether it is worth the money or not.


What is ‘That’s Not How Men Work?’

That’s Not How Men Work is a program created for women. Marni Kinrys is the person behind the masterpiece. Marni Kinrys is a relationship/dating coach. After helping several people, Marni knows the male psychology. What goes on inside their head? Only this program will help you reveal the deepest secrets.

Marni promises that her technique can turn any Peter Pan man into a loving man who would die to be with you! She says the technique is wacky, but it works efficiently. In fact, even a womanizer would want you after you use the secret technique.

When you purchase the That’s Not How Men Work program, you get to download the ‘main program’ along with three bonus materials.

What does the program comprise of?

There is plenty of material in there. You will get the following in the online package:

  • The main course – That’s Not How Men Work
  • In total, there are three chapters. The first chapter is regarding turning yourself on to turn him on. The idea is to explore self. The second chapter busts the myth of opposites attract notion. You will get to know what really attracts the man. The last chapter reveals the true secrets.

  • Unlock his secrets reveals what goes on in a disinterested man’s mind. You can crack open his code too. At the end of the program, you will get to know what he feels for you.
  • Confessions from a wing girl is an interview (audio). Bernardo Mendez and Marni tell you about how you can get the desired love and affection from the man you desire.
  • Intoxicate him with desire will teach you the art of patience. If a man is being cold, you can change his feelings towards you. It is possible through the bonus added in the online package.

Say The Right Things

When you go out on a blind date or start talking to a man you like, there are instances where you might say some things and it would turn him off. Some men like mysterious women and others might enjoy your straightforward approach. As for women, there are some who start talking about a future together right in the beginning.

The program is specifically designed for women who find it difficult to converse with a man. How do you talk to him and not scare him? Marni says that it takes the right words to get the attention of a man. How do you do that?

The program is quite helpful because it specifically guides you how a man’s mind is working.

As soon as you open your mouth, you talk about future, kids, commitment, and meeting again. Maybe the man is not interested. But, you can say the right things to get him interested in you. That’s quite possible! Marni has done extensive research and the techniques work like a charm.

What Works With Men?

My love, please know that the program is not about transforming you into a fake and modified version. Rather, the coach is trying to bring out your authentic self. Fad diets do not work on a long-term basis. Similarly, transforming yourself may or may not work for a longer duration. Hence, the coach teaches you the art of saying the right things to a man. This will make him open his heart and even start dating you.

In the program, you will learn the following things:

  • What makes men fall in love?
  • How do they stay in love?
  • What does it take for a man to commit to you?
  • How do you make a man ask you out on a date?
  • What scares a man? (It could be things you say or certain actions by you)
  • Why is a man not able to read your signals?

There are so many questions that ping pong in your head. Marni answers all of them! We could not pin-point any negative aspect. On the contrary, it was quite helpful for a bunch of ladies we know.

Should You Invest In The Program?

Perhaps you spend a lot of time researching about what men want or think. With a one-time cost, you can truly understand what a man wants.

The price is not exorbitant, and it is quite educational (if you wish to understand a man). After going through the program, you really end up feeling that Marni has spent a lot of time researching on this topic.

If you are struggling with the thought of turning on your man or understanding what goes on in their head, then this program is ideal for you. Marni has extensive knowledge about men and women. Being a dating coach for years, they know what goes on in a person’s head. Moreover, there is a money-back guarantee (60 days). It will certainly not harm your existing relationship or the one you are aiming to have.

Go ahead and purchase the program! If you are worried about ending up single, this program will reveal the deepest secrets.

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