Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

The beginning of a relationship is highly exciting. You meet, greet, kiss, and have wonderful sex. You like a woman a lot and that’s when you decide to get married to her. And then, the sex dries up and you feel like a saint. The majority of marital unions are ending up in divorce because of bad sex life.

Maybe the woman in your life is gorgeous, but she might not be interested in having sex every single day. You are missing that a lot, and Michael Fiore has a solution for the problem.

Text Your Wife Into Bed is a fun and effective program for men. For starters, the program does not blame women completely. Michael Fiore asks men to take a good look at themselves. Maybe the woman stopped having sex for a reason. Were you too lousy in bed? Did you ejaculate too soon? Have you become unattractive? Do you stink? Maybe she does not like your penis anymore.

There are plenty of reasons! Of course, there are women who give less importance to sex after marriage. Thanks to countless responsibilities that make way into a man and woman’s lives.

This topic is quite interesting! Michael Fiore has created a program that is centred around this topic. Moreover, he is discussing the ways through which you can text your wife into bed.

Here’s a complete review of the program. We thought that it would be nice to give you a sneak peek of what the program offers you. Let’s begin!

Core Reasons Why There Is A Sexual Decline After Marriage

Marriage changes a lot of things. At first, you were dating your partner and seeing them once every week. Maybe you met twice or thrice a week, but the routine changes after marriage. Once you say I DO, you get into a routine. You are no longer dating this person and going on fancy dinners. Fancy dinners will be rare, and the excitement will diminish.

Let’s not blame the woman! You have a routine to abide by. You wake up, brush your teeth, have breakfast, go to work, come back, have dinner, and sleep. There is nothing much she can do to change your routine!

Perhaps you can text your woman from work that you are heading back to give her a sexy massage. Yes, you get tired, but it is good to pamper your woman every once in a while.

Another thing we noticed about married men is that they get too comfortable around their women. Why not brush your teeth? Get out of your old clothes and take a shower with her!

What if you are not satisfying her in bed? Maybe she thinks you are too boring in bed and wants you to spice up things. You could go down on her and make her cum many times. The author of the program has mentioned several ways to get her attention and make her crave for more sex.

What is Text Your Wife Into Bed?

There is a multitude of videos in the program. These are NO BS videos that guide you through improving your boring sex life.

The program has a downloadable black book. You can find cheat sheets and examples of how the texts work. You can use the same texts to send it to your wife!

In fact, you will get to know at what time of the day you should send certain texts to get a positive response. All this requires a lot of research!

Michael Fiore also talks about the waterfall effect. It is a story telling technique! The author believes that it will make your woman cum without even touching her.

Is Text Your Wife Into Bed Worth the Money?

Talk about the expensive dinners every Friday night. $67 is a small amount to spend. Considering you really want a million dollar sexual encounter with your wife every night, the price is quite minimal.

Perhaps we spend triple the amount eating out at our favourite sushi or junk restaurant. The author has spent considerable amount of time to create this program. And, it really works for most men.

Please note that every woman in this world has a dirty girl hidden within her body. She wants to come out, but you need to help her. She is waiting for a dirty text from her man. THAT could spice things up!

The Pros and Cons of the Program


  • Simple techniques to turn on your woman.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Small amount to spend.
  • Sex life shall improve considerably.
  • Effective for both busy and free men (well!)
  • Your woman would be happier.
  • Tried and tested by Michael Fiore.

Moreover, Michael Fiore is an author and relationship coach. He is based in Washington and has helped many men out there.

Michael Fiore made this program for other guys. And, it worked for most of his friends and colleagues. He interviewed several women and tested the program on several men. Yes, it worked!


  • The program was created many years back, but it continues to work on most women. If not, there is a money-back guarantee too.

Don’t you want your woman to consider you as a sex god? Yes, please! It would be nice to boast your sex life with your male friends. She should be worshipping your penis! The creator of this program can help you achieve that.

Should you invest in the program?

Pass me a beer, mate! Of course, you must spend your precious money on this program. It is helpful and fun!

The creator of this program specifies that no woman on this planet is turned on by flowers or chocolates. Maybe she would be happy to see chocolate condoms gift wrapped by you. Don’t think that expensive jewellery will turn her on. Sometimes it is easy to figure out a woman. Maybe a simple yet dirty text message can turn her on.

The creator busts the most common myths:

  • Your sex life is going down the drain because of the lack of interest in women. WRONG! Maybe she does not say it to your face, but the reason could be YOU.
  • Men think being married means having lousy sex. WRONG! You are not initiating it. If you learn the art of lighting up her fire, you would not need any rescuing.
  • Your woman will initiate sex. WRONG! Women want their man to showcase domination. A man who showcases these traits will have a happier woman by his side.

Michael circulated the program in his own personal circle. It worked and that’s precisely why he released a program.

Text messages can really turn on a woman. Money cannot buy passion, but a simple yet erotic text can make her go wild! So, yes, the program is worth every penny you spend. Go for it!

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