Text Chemistry Review

Text Chemistry Review

None of the viruses spreading in the world can stop people from dating or flirting. Thanks to the dating applications and friendly social media sites!

When we talk about a summer romance or a hook up, there needs to be chemistry between two people. Considering everyone’s locked inside their homes, text message is the only form of communication you will have with your date.

Even when things get better for the world, text messages will never go out of style. You can develop chemistry with the guy you are eyeing on through a steamy message.

Amy North is a best-selling author, and she has written a fabulous program called, ‘Text Chemistry.’

As a woman, you feel the need to be appreciated by a guy. Sometimes, it is good to take the initiate before it gets too late. Maybe the guy is too shy to text, and he secretly likes you.

We decided to go through the Text Chemistry program. It seemed promising! The question is – Do the methods work in real dating life? We will tell you more through this Text Chemistry review article.

What is Text Chemistry All About?

Text Chemistry is nothing but a dating program devised by the dating guru Amy North. Sending texts to turn him off are quite common. You find it difficult to get your head around the idea of why a specific man stopped messaging you. As a woman, you wait for his message not realizing that you turned him off. Perhaps he is sexting another woman and she is good at the texting game.

Maybe she bought the Text Chemistry program and is passing with flying colours in the dating game. The creator is handing it over to you – the power to seduce a man and keep him interested. No, you do not have to parcel your panties to him or send him naked photos. Certain text messages are stimulating for a man.

If you want to obsess over you for the coming weeks or even years, this eBook will do the job. Of course you would need to put in the requisite effort to GET him. Everything in this world takes a little more hard work, my friend.

About the Author

Amy North is a best-selling author and she hails from Canada. The lady has helped other ladies to find men, keep them happy in and out of the bed.

The author is not just a creator of one dating program. She has also created THE DEVOTION system.

After selling more than 100,000 copies, you would know how popular she is! The Dating and Relationship Coach, Amy North, does not use aggressive language. She connects with a woman on a personal level.

What Does The Text Chemistry Program Comprise of?

So, Text Chemistry Program comes with the main eBook. It has also got 13 video series. Visual aid can be quite helpful for women who cannot go through long texts. Things get better when you find the three bonuses that come along with the product.

The bonuses include:

  • The Phone Game eBook – He shall hang on to every uttered by you (via text).
  • Why Men Leave: You might be the sexiest girl in the world, but for the man – you are just not enough. Why do they leave a perfect relation? Find out in this bonus.
  • Quality Men on Tinder: Well, most of them are interested in a booty call, but you might turn the wrong guy into the right guy. This bonus is not about them! It is about you, my friend.

Amy tells you about what to write on the profile to get some stares. The profile will ONLY attract the good men!

We find the 13-video series to be much more helpful as compared to the eBook. Of course, there is a lot of in-depth material there, but the video series makes it so much more meaningful for any woman who is trying to win over a man.

The whole idea is to take your whole ‘flirting over text’ game to another level. Add some spark to your monogamous relationship or get the guy from the bar ask you out!

You can rule his world by sending a non-sexual text too! There are many women out there who are unable to express their feelings just because they are too shy. This program helps you to get out the tigress inside of you. Texting is harmless, isn’t it? You do not even have to face the guy at first. Get his attention and then let the confidence build up.

Does the Text Chemistry Program Work?

Amy North is a wonder woman in every single/married woman’s world. She has helped multiple women, and is continuing to do so.

Going through the eBook can be time-consuming, but the 13-video series has the real juicy stuff.

Amy North has a YouTube channel with over 540k subscribers. She offers sensible advice to women without denting their pride or confidence level. You know how candid some dating experts can be! She will not be harsh to you, and will connect with you in multiple ways. So, the simple answer to your question is – YES, it will work out for you.

The Pros and Cons of Text Chemistry

Anything you buy – whether it is sushi or even an adult magazine – it will have some flaws and some major plus(es).

Let’s check out the TEXT CHEMISTRY’s list of pros and cons.


  • Solely focuses one subject – dating and texting (amalgamation)
  • It is written by a best-selling author.
  • This program works.
  • It does not cost a fortune.
  • You will gain confidence.


  • You have to face men in the real world. He will fall for your texts and things you say, but you have to deal with him in real too.
  • You need to put in the hard work to see results.

Should You Invest In The Text Chemistry?

Alright, sister, you have got a gist about what the eBook is all about. Bonuses make it great and the video series are quite helpful.

Don’t shy away from taking a little help from a dating coach. Everyone needs a girlfriend (like they showcase in Sex and the City).

So, consider Amy North as your best buddy and go ahead and purchase the program. Texting can be fun – but you need to know what to say to the man to get him interested in you! It is for both categories of women – single and taken.

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