Mend The Marriage Review

Mend The Marriage Review

‘If I get married, I want to be very married.’

Think about it again!

Marriage is not a flowery union. Half of the marriages in the world are ending up in divorce. Rushing into a marital union could be a naive decision. If you have already taken the plunge, ‘Mend the Marriage’ by Brad Browning seems like a promising online course for couples with a troubled marriage.

Matrimonial bliss comes to an end when there are communication and intimacy issues. Let’s not forget that adultery can put an end to your ‘perfectly happy married life.’

For starters, if a man or a woman are seeking ‘bliss’ outside their marital union, there is a serious issue here. In fact, possessiveness, insecurity, and jealous can dent your relationship even further. Mental health should be taken seriously! A troubled marriage can be the cause of depression, anxiety, and abuse of all kinds (sexual, mental, physical, and verbal).

There are some couples who part ways, and find their bliss elsewhere. But, there are a few people who try to find ways to mend their marriage. The question is – How do you mend your marriage effectively?

Perhaps Brad Browning’s Mend The Marriage can help you in this department. The comprehensive guide is available as an eBook, and many couples have benefitted from this course.

Here’s a comprehensive review of the eBook. This shall help you make a decision of whether or not you should invest in it or not.

What is Mend The Marriage?

Since marital unions are breaking and falling apart, Brad Browning did extensive research and used close-to-life experiences to write the eBook. You can call it an online course for couples! That’s because the package consists of an eBook, audio recording, video series, and worksheets.

Heading to a psychiatrist or marriage counsellor can be an expensive affair. Considering one session is not enough, this course is a better deal.

The course includes:

  • eBook – 200+ pages
  • Audio course – 4-hours
  • Video series – Divided in 7 parts
  • Worksheets for the couples.
  • Bonus eBooks FREE

The aim of the course is to reignite the fire that existed before. Mend the Marriage focuses on issues that both men and women face in their marital union. But, it is not a problem-focused course. The author is solution-focused, and he has brought all the elements together systematically.

What is Impressive About The Mend The Marriage Course?

When we enter this world, nobody trains us about how we are supposed to behave in a marital union. You fall in love, take the plunge, and problems may or may not arise. Moreover, every relationship has problems. People tend to make mistakes, but whether that mistake harms the marriage or not depends on the strength of the union.

Is your marriage strong enough to let go of small things? Browning stresses on the fact that as soon as you start seeing loopholes or tension in your marriage, start working on them.

The author not only tells you about the possible problems, but he also guides you through them. Browning is like a ray of hope or a guardian angel. He is not grilling you with questions, but he is somewhere out there guiding you through a troubled marriage.

The author helps men and women individually. Do you wish to find what the solutions are? Read the next section to find out how the author has helped couples through this course.

Solutions For Men And Women

Mend the Marriage book is designed for both men and women. For starters, the author focuses on the ABCD system/method.

The ABCD method is:

  • Accepting the situation
  • Building resilience
  • Committing to change
  • Dedicate yourself to mending the marriage

Browning has compiled this course beautifully. It shows how much time he has spent in talking about the ways you can mend your ‘already’ broken marriage.

It is possible that your marriage has not broken! Life is stressful, and there is too much competition out there. Arguments can happen after a long day at work. Sex life may go for a toss when one partner is too focused on the kids or their work. These are problems that can be solved. In fact, these are temporary issues.

Browning has a foolproof plan for you. The ABCD system has worked for many couples. He is not only talking about solving issues, but also shares the ways you can rekindle the fire in your sex life.

The Pros and Cons of Mend the Marriage


  • After the completion of the course, you will feel like an all-new person.
  • The author has provided practical and doable solutions. He is not asking you to be in a fairy-land.
  • The solutions are practical, but they are also fun.
  • It costs less as compared to sessions with a marriage counselor.
  • The course is tailor-made for both men and women.
  • Focuses on solutions and not just the problems.


  • The course would require 100% commitment. Can you convince your partner to follow the course?
  • Sometimes there are intense issues in a marriage. If your partner has fallen out of love and has decided to get married to someone else, there is little this book can do. For any other communication or physical intimacy issues, the course works wonders.

Concluding Thoughts

We have seen many couples opting for a relationship/marriage counsellor. Your relationship is YOUR OWN.

Yes, the marriage counsellor sits with you, and listens to both sides of the stories. But, you can save your own relationship without discussing it with a marriage counsellor.

Mend the Marriage helps you to understand the core issues. Let’s not forget that Brad Browning is a relationship and marriage expert too. But, he is guiding you through the process from a distance. There are no verbal two-way conversations! You and your partner can mend your marriage within the comfort of your home.

The course is quite powerful because Browning stresses on the fact that working on self is similar to working on your marriage.

The relationship coach and divorce expert hails from Vancouver. He is the author of two of the best-selling and effective relationship programs – Mend the Marriage and The Ex-Factor.

If you are wondering whether or not this course helps, we can conclude that it HAS helped couples. It has been such a powerful tool for couples that some even renewed their vows after going through complete course.

Perhaps you have tried everything, and this is the only way to make your marriage work. So, go ahead and invest in the course.

After all it’s a small price to pay to save your marital union.

Written by Red Crown Review

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