Make Small Talk Sexy Review

Make Small Talk Sexy Review

There is a whole new world out there! It is filled with options. If the person you love does not respect your feelings, you find another person. Unfortunately, our heart is stubborn. It does not feel like giving up easily.

Make Small Talk Sexy by Bobby Rio is an engaging program that is sure to fire up conversations. There are some men who are unable to strike a conversation with women. Please know that a woman can get turned on with a good conversation.

Yes, we do understand that you have social anxiety when it comes to talking to girls. But, Bobby Rio has the perfect fix. If you are having trouble with initiating a conversation and holding it on for several minutes (or hours), then this program would be beneficial.

Here’s a complete Make Small Talk Sexy review just for you. We are talking about those shy men who want to grab the attention of a female they like! Perhaps she will sleep with you afterwards. After all, good conversations can be orgasmic for a woman!

About the Creator

Bobby Rio is a famous dating coach! He is the rightful owner and founder of TSB Magazine. He gives advice to men, and has been in the industry for many years.

Many men have benefitted from his advice and programs. Bobby Rio teaches men the art of picking up women and bedding the right ladies. He is a dating author and a popular pickup artist. Well! That’s all you need to know about the creator of this program. He has the required experience and gives clear instructions to the male audience.

What is Make Small Talk Sexy All About?

Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is a beneficial program. It teaches you how to strike conversations with a women. It helps you bust the bubble of anxiety.

If you have been nervous talking to women, this program will help you come out of your shell.

There are a total of eight audio lessons that will guide you through. Each of these lessons are about an hour long. Yes, you need to take out 8 hours in a day. Perhaps you could hear one lesson a week or every three days.

There is a lot of content out there! Speaking of content, you would want to know how the audio lessons guide you and what it is all about.

What does the program comprise of?

Once you start hearing the audio lessons, the first thing Bobby Rio teaches you is how to be a good conversationalist. That’s the starter! It will help you get rid of the social anxiety. If you are someone who cannot strike a conversation, it will cause problems in different aspects of your life. Being a good conversationalist can help your career, relationship, making friends, and even bedding a woman.

Bobby Rio helps you build the confidence to lead a conversation. Sometimes, men stop speaking when they know a woman is getting uncomfortable. How do you know she is getting uncomfortable? Bobby Rio teaches you everything through his audio lessons.

The lessons are not shallow in any way. There are greater life lessons to learn through the program.

  • Value and Intention: Men think that women get impressed by money, material possessions, and looks. This is the biggest myth! The woman will start losing interest once you start bragging about your possessions. Rio teaches you how to talk to a woman without bragging about the things you own. That’s an important point to remember!
  • Rio mentions a story of a guy and girl meeting and sharing common interests. This does not mean that the girl is into you! She needs to feel a connection with you to take things forward. The program will tell you how to create that spark. How does the girl get attracted? You will know the art of attracting girls through this program.
  • You also get a bonus with the lessons. It is called Conversation Steroids. It tells you the exact things to say in different situations. He will give twelve different situations and the things you need to say in such instances.

Pros and Cons of Make Small Talk Sexy

Before you go ahead and purchase the product, it is important to know the pros and cons.


  • It teaches you how to have interesting and fun conversations with a woman.
  • Helps you get rid of social anxiety and conversation initiation.
  • You know what to say and when to say it!
  • The product is within the budget.
  • Bobby Rio is an expert in picking girls and dating.
  • Audio lessons are easier to grasp.


  • You cannot use the exact words that Bobby says. But, you can tailor them to suit your personality.

Should You Invest in Make Small Talk Sexy?

We do believe that Bobby Rio has spent considerable amount of time to create the program. The audio lessons are fun to hear and they tell you about the practical ways to talk to a woman.
Yes, the creator of the program has nailed women psychology. He understands a woman’s perspective, but please note that not all women are cut out the same way.

You might need to alter the conversations or change the wordings. Yes, good words can be orgasmic for a woman, but you cannot be a robot in front of her. Bobby Rio is just the guiding light. It is YOU who has to do the performance LIVE.

Getting a woman’s attention would require a combination of words and actions. So, yes, the program is efficient and easy on the pockets. Plus, you get to learn a lot about being a good conversationalist. It is educational and will help you a lot in life. After all, good things come to those who can strike a good conversation. It could be a great business deal or taking a gorgeous woman back to your apartment. Go ahead and purchase it today!

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