Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging Review

You know her, and you text her to get a warm, soothing reply. But what if you get a response as cold as ice? Are you wondering what went wrong or what did you do wrong that you are unaware of?

The question that arises at the start of a new relationship, she shared her number, and now she is not reverting me back, what should I do? Well, in short, the problem of a man who is in a relationship or is looking to get into one is quite similar.

To be very frank, this is one of the problems that is faced by so many men. They love someone so deeply and passionately, but one she replies quite coldly, making them wonder what did they do.

To make things even confusing, the usual reply that a man receives from the lady if just a sentence, “ok” or “I am fine.”, a ruling that leaves the man even more perplexed and confused. This leads to the need to understand the message of the women, her thoughts, her psychology, and what she literally means.

To help the man out, this program is a perfect remedy. From making man understand why she is not responding to why she responds, all the answers are hidden in this beautiful guide. Entirely crafted by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, this program is one complete series of steps and tips to help the man understand the woman’s messaging and move in more profoundly for the relationship. Right from texting to walking deeply in understanding her, this is a complete guide of a miracle.

So, the men behind the magic guide to understanding the women texting are Bobby Rio and Bob Judge. Let us introduce ourselves to them. Leaving no stone unturned, the duo tried to help the man in every way possible. Bobby Rio is a relationship expert and founder of the famous TSB magazine. Whereas Rob Judge is an exceptional journalist who has brought in his dating expertise in a too understandable manner. The duo had made quite an effort to make this program perfect, and in every way, we can say that they have indeed succeeded.

The Questions That Arise:

  • How will this book help me understand the reasons for cold messaging?
  • How is this program going to help me with issues of texting a girl?
  • Will investing in this program be worth it?

This is a guide for men to help them initiate a perfect texting trail and make the girl revert to it with warmth and positivity. With the best in class tips and proven techniques, this guide is broken into parts and sections to help man unlock the art of attractive communication over the phone.

With Rion and Judge’s magic, this guide is one perfect handy tool for the man to have the women they love and wish for, beside them.


So, should you get this book?

Well, to answer it precisely, let us have a look at the comprehensive review. So, let’s get started!

What is ‘Magnetic Messaging’ All About?

A quite perfect relationship manual for man to help them discover the art of texting and communication over the electronic device and make the lady fall for you is crafted by the fantastic duo of Rio and Judge. Everything outlined in an orderly manner and separated into sections explains that most of the conversations are entirely predictable.

To have better reach with a smooth introduction phase and rest phases, a man needs to take control over texting fast. A little delay can lead to the loss of the dating game. The right combination of words at the right time can make the lady desperately willing to talk to you and can even make her wait just for your text.

The critical phases of the program are:

  • The principles of the phone game
  • You want to date her
  • The key lock sequence
  • Spark emotions
  • Make connections
  • Handle logistics
  • Low-interest girls
  • Look at the “You are sort of dating her” phase
  • Texting her after sex
  • You are dating her
  • How to begin sexting

The bonuses that are offered with the program are:

  • The Infatuation Formula video training
  • 99 Best Texts of all time eBook
  • 30 days free trial access to the popular Magnetic Mastermind Kit

What will you get from “Magnetic Messaging”?

To be honest, Rio and Judge created this guide with much research and some fantastic examples. Covering all the scenarios, they have undoubtedly helped out a lot of men. With teaching the basics of texting to sexting, everything is entirely explained in the guide. With the step-by-step instructions, this guide is a charmer to help every man to get the lady of their dreams.

Covering everything from every nook and corner that you need to know, the major takeaways from the book are:

  • It explains the techniques to understand all about how to text a woman.
  • It teaches tips to entice a woman and make her fall desperately to text you.
  • It guides on how to reach from texting to sexting.
  • Finally, getting a prompt and favorable reply from a woman is also explained in this guide.

The Pros and Cons of ‘Magnetic Messaging’


  • Easy to follow
  • Covers complete and every small aspect of texting
  • Created by experts
  • Includes texting case studies
  • Emphasizes on being witty, creative, attractive, and carefree
  • Amazing bonus books
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Part include relatively thin content
  • Bit unorganized
  • Demands patience
  • Only in digital mode

With high-quality content and descriptive method, this program is really appropriate and classy to adapt.

Should You Invest in the Book?

If you want to make a lady desperately willing to text you and being in a relationship with you, then the art of communication over the phone is a must to understand. With the chartbuster duo’s essential guidance and the proven tips, this guide is uncanny and unmatched. A surety that is going to help the reader makes this even more desirable and practical.

Are you still in the confusion of buying this? If so, just think once. The tips for initiating a soothing and positive communication with your dream girl and making her revert back happily and warmly is what this book is all about. So, Yes, buying this book is totally worth it.

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