Love Commands Review

Love Commands Review

Are you wondering whether ‘Love commands’ is legitimate or a scam? Then read the article ahead where we have provided a detailed review on Love Commands.

Imagine being the sole priority in one’s life. Being in a committed relationship full of passion and romance is one of the ultimate fantasies that will drive your imagination crazy. Love Commands, written by Scott Foster, is the key to convert your imagination into reality.

It rekindles the passion, love, commitment and loyalty in one’s relationship. This book is exclusively written for all of those women who want to become the master of love and relationship. It tells you various ways to maintain and keep your relationship strong to thereby, withstand all the wear and tear of time. It teaches you how to keep your partners always close to you and make them fall in love with you in every passing second.

What is Love Commands?

Every woman in this world desires love. She is craving for it every single moment. Well, there are some exceptions too. But, as a human being, we do need the affection from the opposite sex or even the same sex.

Scott Foster is a relationship expert and he knows what he is talking about! The book deeply focuses on the impact of certain phrases and words on the human brain. A man’s brain works differently, and Foster has incorporated what works with them efficiently.

The good part about the book is that Foster uses everyday words to make the man YOURS.

The question is – Is this book meant for you? As an unbiased reviewer, we skimmed through the book and found innumerable positive pointers. But, it also gave us an insight on who the target audience is.

Is Love Commands For You?

You are in a rusty relationship and it is not going anywhere. It makes you sad and helpless. Answer the following questions. You have to fit yourself in one of the categories.

  • Are you in a long-term relationship? If yes, then raise your hand. Even after spending years of love and great sex, your relationship is not heading towards matrimony. If the answer is YES, raise your hand again. This book is meant for you.
  • Tired of being single? Perhaps the man of your dreams or the sweet boy you fancy in gym class is not paying attention to your sheer beauty. This is book meant for you!
  • Is your relationship falling apart? You have tried everything to make him stay, but nothing in this world is stopping him. Perhaps he looks at other men (every man does), but he is considering moving on in life. This book is for you!
  • Does your man showcase cold behavior towards you? If YES, then this is your chance to capture him forever.

Note – While we do like being optimistic, there are certain relationships where there is no going back. If the man has decided he wants out, then you should make peace and respect the decision.

What is the program all about?

Dear women of the world, this book/program is meant for you. No matter what your height, weight, skin tone, or age is, the book is simply meant for women across the globe.

The book will teach you the art of talking to men. He is not one of your girlfriends whom you can vent all your feelings.

There are some secret phases that you will discover in the book. They will help you to get the attention of a man. A regular woman who does not believe in words but actions will think that it is a waste of time and money. Fortunately, it is worth the purchase because these secret phrases have helped many women.

A relationship/marriage is built on several things. Apart from great sex, understanding, and loyalty, you also require attraction. If the man is deeply attracted to you, he is not going anywhere else.

As per the author, using these phrases will help you catch the attention of the man. You will have his heart forever! Foster happens to be an NLP expert.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is helpful and it is the prime key to a person’s subconscious.

Does The Program Work For You?

The book, ‘Love Commands’, has helped several women across the globe. The program was especially tailor-made for all the love bugs.

You can invest in the book. Foster has offered a money-back guarantee. An author would only offer this money-back if they had total confidence in their product.

Many women have benefitted with the book, and it helped them to improve their real-life relationships. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is highly powerful and it works like a charm. In fact, some people have benefitted from it to fight obesity and acne.

It has taken ages for a woman to know what goes on in a man’s mind. In this book, you are getting all the secrets to capture his attention.

The Secrets That Will Unravel In The BOOK

Here’s a list of the secrets that you will get to know:

  • Candy Love Command : This command guides you efficiently. The only thought in his mind would be to kiss you. You will be like a sweet candy for him!
  • Knot of Commitment : It takes time for men to commit. Perhaps he is not thinking of committing to you. But, this command will make him commit to you.
  • Desire Reset : Use this command to light up his fire. This command works for those women who think their partner is cold.
  • I am Your Lady : Do you want to be the only lady in his life? Use this command.
  • Love me Again : Did he leave you for another woman? It is time to get him back.
  • Queen of Seduction : Being desirable for your man is your dream. Be ready to spice up your boring sex life!
  • Freeze de-freeze : Are you wondering why he does not open up to you? Break the tough cookie and make him speak.
  • Attraction Fire Cracker : Ready for your blind date? This command will help you get his total attention.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, of course, you are hesitant about buying a new book. Will it work or not? Sometimes, you need to have a little bit of faith. The author has spent considerable amount of time to write the book. He is an NLP expert.

Foster has helped so many women to overcome the relationship issues. You will certainly benefit from this book. The author says that many women come to him desperately seeking for advice. Every woman (in fact even men) want to save their relationship.

This is your chance to turn your sad love life into a happy one. Expert opinion does not hurt, right?

To sum it up, Love Commands is a well-researched and insightful book. Go ahead and invest in it!

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