Language of Lust Review

Language of Lust Review

Sex makes a relationship wonderful and satisfying. When there is bad and unsatisfying sex, the partner looks for it elsewhere. Why do we complain when a partner chooses to head out for a sexual escapade? If you are not working on improving your sex life, the partner WILL eventually find someone else.

Language of Lust is a meaningful book about sex. It does not talk about commitment or deep love. It does not focus on providing a lifetime full of love and devotion.

The good part about the book is that it does not view women as someone who save their virginity for their husband. There are different kinds of women. In fact women get as horny as men, and have sexual desires too.

If you finish too soon (premature ejaculation), she does not like it. Women have desires too! However, the society is quite judgmental and they like putting pressure on women to be ‘feminine’ and ‘coy.’

Here’s a complete review of Language of Lust. Is it worth the money? Should you invest in this book? Let’s find out the answers to these queries.

About the Author

Lawrence Lanoff has worked as a movie director and has also been a Playboy Photographer. Since one decade, he has been a part of the dating arena. Lanoff has been a dating coach for more than a decade and many people have benefitted from his advice.

If you are looking for expert advice, you can turn to him or simply purchase his inexpensive book on ‘lust.’

What is Language of Lust Program?

Language of Lust is a program written for men. Lawrence Lanoff talks about 33 techniques to make a woman desire you in every way. Well, it is a book that talks about sex, so you must be willing to read it without any bias or judgment. Certain things put forward in the book can be quite blunt.

The sexual code of women is complex, but Lanoff cracks the code with ease.

Bedding a woman can be a hard task, especially women who are not willing to have casual sex. If you are crushing on a woman or have seen someone at the bar, this program will help you approach her in an effective manner. By the end of the program, you will become a ladies man!

Did you know that only few men know how to talk to women? Approaching different kinds of women requires varied approaches.

Once you know the art of seduction and luring her, you can take her home and make love to her all night long.

The Change in Women’s Mindset

In historical books and even in the real world, women are considered weaker to men. That’s not true! Women have set out to fight against the patriarchal world. They have become powerful (mentally and physically).

There was a time when men made fun of a woman and even tortured them in the past. Things have changed and women have a right to say NO to you. Since today’s women are educated and well-informed, you cannot fool them.

The question is – How do you get her back to your apartment? How will she start craving for you sexually?

For starters, respect her. But, you need to also get your hands on this effective book called Language of Lust.

What does the book consists of?

The book consists of tried and tested methods that work on all kinds of women. The Emotional Revenge method is about using her emotions against her. The author tells you the secret of making her open up to you. When she starts feeling that her secrets are safe with you, she would get attracted to you in a number of ways.

The Kink Exposure tells you about the ways to make her spill the darkest desires in her head. Sexual Singularity is about using the right words to turn her on. Women like the man showcasing actions, but words can be as orgasmic.

Lust Mirror is more about ‘if you like it, she will like it too.’ It is about transferring your erotic feelings.

The Pavlov’s Panty Drencher is a giveaway. You can turn any woman into a lustful zombie. In fact, even your sexy voice can turn her on. She will drool over you and want to make love as soon as possible.

Moreover, there are bonuses too. You get the Threesome Code in which you can convince the woman to have another woman on bed. Three is NEVER a crowd for a man. The only condition is that he likes two women on his bed. The Guide to Texting Dirty has about 200 messages (all dirty) that you can send to the lady. She will get turned on for sure!

Personal Porn star Activation is another bonus that you would love. This is a guide that tells you how to convince a woman to watch porn with you. Perhaps she would become your personal porn star right after the show.

What are the benefits of Language of Lust Program?

When you invest in the Language of Lust program, you reap the following benefits:

  • It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • Meant for nice men who get turned down time and again.
  • Women will start craving for you.
  • You will gain access to casual sex (no strings attached).

The book only costs $47 which is not exactly a huge amount to pay. We spend so much money on a dinner date (a failed date) or even drinking out with friends. Don’t forget that a fancy dinner costs a $100-$150. Hence, the price you pay for this guide is quite minimal.

Should You Invest in the Language of Lust Program?

The author has put in great effort to create this program. It is the perfect guide for those who want to land the woman of their lustful dreams.

No matter how you look – average, ugly, or devilishly handsome – you can get the woman back to your home. Grab your copy and follow the program by heart.

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