How to Become an Alpha Male Review

How to Become an Alpha Male Review

Watching movies in which men act like MEN and sweep women off their feet with their wit and attitude and have sex like gods? What if you were told that these men have these powers not because of how they look or how rich they are? What if you are told that it’s just controlled by how they think?

Are you surprised? Don’t worry. You are not alone. You are just one among several men who think that only those with good looks and high IQ get laid. ‘How to become an alpha male’ is an e-book that takes you in a different direction to solve this problem that is looming large on your sex life and mentality.

John Alexander delves deep into the realm of mind games and body language to attract and seduce using what you have by improving your thinking.

What is the e-book all about?

The e-book is a comprehensive and step-by-step guide towards a satisfying sex life. The author throws at you subtle changes and mannerisms to catch the attention of the opposite sex. The perfect mentality to carry around in social situations to command respect. And real-life experiences and suggestions from the author himself.

The author’s self-experience gives it more credibility as the author has experienced first-hand the benefits of the tips that he shares through his book.

Building up this attitude, or rather skill, for men, will help not just in the dating game but in other avenues of life in a way that you may not have imagined. It might help you at your workplace, get a raise, or promote being the strong and resilient alpha male in the organization.

The book pays attention to men’s different personalities, the types of men, including the nice guy, the jerk, and the alpha male to explain the extremes while discussing the pros and cons of the three. He also pays attention to the psychology of women and how they think.

If you are looking for reliable material that can transform you dating game and life in general, this e-book should do the job.

Are the techniques effective?

The answer to these questions depends on the situation that you are in and how you take in the information. The writing style of the author and the way he refers to women might sound sexist at times. You are objectifying and almost calling them ‘targets’ without using the word. If you take in the attitude without a pinch of salt, you might end up portraying a counter producing image which will do nothing but harm to your dating and sex life.

The only care you need to take while reading the book and learning from it is to keep in mind that this is not the ultimate authority. It is a book that is very good for beginners. Provide that you have an eye for noticing what is right and what is outright sexist.

If you think from the Women’s point of view and think of them as a partner in the endeavour rather than a prey, you should be fine, and this book can do wonders.

Who is it for?

This book is for any male regardless of whether you are the one who feels attracted to women but is too shy to approach them and make a move or the confident male who can handle women and interactions with them in a smooth manner. ‘How to become an Alpha Male’ will help you either build these skills or brush upon them.

Those of you who are already pretty good with women may find that you are already using these techniques and principles naturally. Reading them in a book will emphasize the importance of your natural gifts and help you pay attention when you use them next time around.

And as for those reading it to learn the basics, if followed to the T, you could change your sex life forever. Several readers came back with unbelievable results just by following the suggestion in the book.

What are the techniques mentioned in the book?

This book gives a step by step guide, which you have probably heard of before but not together. If you are a total beginner and are just planning on starting in the dating game, this is the perfect book for you.

Here are a few tips mentioned in the book.

  • Build self-esteem
  • Have a goal in mind
  • Do not project you insecurities
  • Do not brag
  • Have a nice guy – jerk balance
  • Groom yourself to build confidence
  • Body language is key
  • Keep yourself fit
  • Make your presence felt
  • Practice makes perfect

What makes John’s approach special is his style of relating things with his own story and life. The originality that it offers gives the readers hope and increases the excitement.

The Pros and Cons of the book


  • Great tips for beginners
  • Effective techniques
  • All-round coverage of topics
  • Personal stories to add depth to the knowledge


  • The results depend on the effort put in by the reader.
  • If not taken in with the right attitude, it can cause more harm than improve your skills.

Why should you invest in this Book?

This is one of the best-suggested books for those who would like some reading material to change their dating pattern or sex-life. Personalizing the tips to fit your character will help you find a partner and possibly change your life.

It helps both beginners and experts in the game to come to terms with the requisites and knowledge required. Knowing the psychology of women looking for prospective male friends will also be beneficial in your daily life.

You might find several reader’s reviews claiming that this book will help you get in bed with many women. The numbers depend on circumstances. But even if it helps you find just the one, it makes it a valuable addition to your e-library.

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