Dating Apocalypse Review

Dating Apocalypse Review

Have you ever heard of the ‘Scrambler’ method? If not, then you are going to read more about it in the Dating Apocalypse.

Many men out there are unable to attract the woman they desire. This brings a feeling of resentment inside of you. There are some men who are blessed with good looks, plenty of money, and the skills to bed women of their liking. Are you jealous of such men? If so, then the Dating Apocalypse is meant for you.

The question is – Has it helped anyone out there? Since you will be spending some amount to purchase the guide, it is good to read the review.

What is Dating Apocalypse?

The Dating Apocalypse is all about the ‘scrambler’ method. There are many men who are struggling to attract the women they like.

Of course, your heart desires a woman who can satisfy them in the bedroom. All the ‘cool’ guys end up enjoying the attention, and you feel left-out. Whether you are out for a Sunday brunch or fishing for women in the office, the methods laid down by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge work like a charm.

So, the Dating Apocalypse is an effective guide that helps you get the ladies. It prepares you to face the competitive world of dating. Even an average-looking and decent guy can land the most beautiful and hot female in the crowd. How is that possible? This guide tells you the secret.

There are many young ladies out there who play hard-to-get. Maybe they are not noticing you because you do not have that spark. And of course, women like to be chased, but they do not need needy men around them.

You might plan to bed the woman or just want to take her out for a coffee date, this guide will certainly help you achieve those truly merry dating dreams.

The overriding thought in your head is the following – Is it true that a guide can help me get any woman? What if this is a scam?

Before you arrive at any judgment, read on to find out what this guide is all about. We will also tell you whether it works or not.

Who are Bobby Rio and Rob Judge?

Before we tell you what the guide comprises of, it is important to know the masterminds behind this guide.

Bobby Rio, for starters, is the founder of TSB magazine. He is the editor-in-chief. The dating expert has helped many men who belong to the real world.

As for Rob Judge – he is an author of many guides and books that cover the dating arena. The dating expert has collaborated with Bobby Rio for many books and guides.

In a nutshell, you must know that both the authors are dating experts. They have in-depth knowledge about dating and the sure-shot ways of attracting women.

What Does The Dating Apocalypse Comprise Of?

You, my dear friend, can change the game. If a woman is not responding to your cues, this book gives you a clear idea why she is not interested.

For starters, a woman does not respond to a desperate man. Of course she likes men hovering over her! But, giving her signals in the beginning might just put her off.

If you have started the chase already, it clearly means the game is over. You have to give her the opportunity to WONDER. The guide tells you more about the Scrambler technique. It is quite efficient and the author has used it in multiple guides too.

There are some really good recordings and productions that will help you conquer her V world and even her kind heart.

There are six bonuses within the program:

  • The Match Multiplier
  • First Message Black Book
  • Forward Moving Phrases
  • Guide to Gaslighting
  • Guide to Closing The Deal On The Very First Date
  • Guide to Sexting

Please note that sexting can be quite effective. If you use the right words, she can literally have an orgasm with the same.

Who needs the Dating Apocalypse?

We live in a shallow world, and so, most of the good-looking men get the lady of their dreams. No matter how much women debate about ‘looks do not matter’, the truth is that they want a presentable man.

Let’s say you are not as good-looking, but this guide will still help you get the woman you have been eyeing forever. It is true! You can get her anyhow. All you need to do is apply the Scrambler Method.

Who needs this guide? Well, that’s a very easy question. Even if you are super good-looking, she may get turned off by your attitude or the way you speak.

Money cannot buy women. You need the extra zing in you to capture her heart. Hence, this guide will help you a lot.

The Pros and Cons of the Guide

Perhaps you were waiting for this section! Let’s take you through the pros and cons of the guide.


  • The Scrambler Method has worked for many men. It is known for giving great outcomes.
  • The program has in-depth data. All of the methods are tried and tested.
  • The authors are dating experts. They know what they are talking about!
  • The product is available at a reasonable cost. Why do you complain?
  • There is 60-days money back guarantee.


  • Requires a lot of persistence.
  • You need a lot of time to go through the content. There is too much of data (valid data).

Why should you invest in the Dating Apocalypse?

Dating Apocalypse is a wonderful guide for men. The two dating experts have spent a lot of time to create this data-rich program.

It has benefitted a lot of men across the globe. If nothing seems to be working, this is an inexpensive way to grab her attention.

You spend a lot of money in buying expensive dinner for friends and colleagues. This is a small price to pay for some effective dating advice!

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