Clayton Maxs Infatuation Scripts Review

Clayton Maxs Infatuation Scripts Review

Have you ever felt that a piece in your relationship is missing? Have you ever thought that you don’t know how to flirt? Do you feel like a failure in your relationships?

If so, there is only one explanation for all this. It is that you are not good at dating and probably that is the reason for the failure in a relationship.

Infatuation and love are like two sides of a single coin. But love is something that is underwood by the majority, whereas infatuation, on the other hand, is hard to identify. People usually think that relationships are spontaneous. There is no need to plan out for being in a relationship.

There is always a part which is required to be studied and analyzed for being in a relationship. But what is that part actually? The answer to this question is hidden in the book “Infatuation Scripts”.

The essence and underlying factor in making any relationship work are to understand the brain of your partner. So, squaring back, we land to the most defying question of how to understand the male mind?

With this book in hand, getting a valid answer to this question is really easy. The relationship is more intuitive and needs working to improve. Flirting is usually seen on a bit of a negative side, but the fact is, it plays an essential role in understanding the love factor.

With this, Clayton Max, the author of this fantastic book, has tried to explain and impart knowledge that is needed to motivate a man to be in a relationship. To have a healthy and updated relationship and to make a relationship work, this book offers all the techniques and perhaps the justifying ways.

Before moving ahead, let us know a little about the stunning and fierce writer, Clayton Max. He is an excellent writer to have helped the women to make men fall their heads on your heels. He has drafted the proven ways to make a man realize that you are the only one love in his life, and you are the one that he all needs.

The Questions That Arise:

  • Why do I need to understand infatuation?
  • How is this going to make a man fall in love with me?
  • Should I really think of buying this?

Well, love, at first sight, is a bit of a stormy concept. The truth is to fall in love and to make the man of your dreams fall in love with you is a bit of a tedious task.

This book by Clayton Max is such a charming and handy guide that holds all the proven techniques to make a man committed to women. The path from being not interested in getting into commitment is all that this book is about.

So, should you get this book?

Well, to answer it precisely let us have a look at the comprehensive review. So, let’s get started!

What is ‘Infatuation Scripts’ All About?

Relationships take time to build and do have a lot of layers. The program is a top-notch one designed immensely to help women who were once rejected by the men they loved with all their hearts. The writer who was once terrified of commitment wrote such a fantastic guide on how to make a man commit in a relationship is stupendous.

With so many layers, handling a relationship is not easy. The layer that is actually linked to our natural instinct is usually overlooked and is many-a-times a reason for failure. This is the potent feeling that acts as the significant ground for solidifying a relationship.

The guide covers everything that is there to know about the mind of a man. All the factors that make a man feel furnished and fulfilled in a relationship are covered here. The highlights of the program are:

  • How to Talk to each other
  • The roles of gender
  • The daily life
  • Reaffirming relationship

Another highlight of the program is the scripts that are discussed over in the program. Right from the start to commitment, there is every script that is shared to make a man fall in love with you.

  • Investment Scripts
  • Curiosity Scripts
  • Independence Scripts
  • Cliffhanger Scripts
  • Uncertainty Scripts
  • Intrigue Scripts
  • Barrier Scripts
  • Temptation ScriptsShaping Scripts
  • Curveball Scripts
  • Urgency Scripts.
  • Interested-but-not-sold Scripts

What will you get from “ Infatuation Scripts”?

This book is crafted and designed in the form of various scripts. Each script is a definite path to attain one level in a relationship and to move ahead in the relationship. With the tips on how to act in a different situation, this book is a real charm. With various phrases, scripts, and gestures that will entice a man, this program is all you need to activate your man’s infatuation instincts.

The relationship is something that we all are looking for and to have a successful one is like a dream. The major takeaways from the book are:

  • It introduces techniques to approach different situations.
  • It guides on creating moments of independence within the relationship.
  • It explains how to set up emotional boundaries.
  • It shows ways to spice up things in the relationship.
  • It will help you to understand the ways to increase his sexual desire.
  • Last, this will act as a guide to create a better and long-lasting relationship.

The Pros and Cons of ‘Infatuation Scripts’


  • Affordable and easy to understand
  • Uniquely designed for women
  • A comprehensive pattern
  • Bonus material included
  • Help you to go deeper
  • Fit for all
  • Proven to improve the relationship


  • Not magic for overnight results
  • Digital only
  • Takes time to adapt

With high-quality content equipped with a descriptive method, this program is really appropriate and classy to adapt.

Should You Invest in the Book?

It is often seen that we, as humans, tend to doubt ourselves even when we can bring on the change. This program is a real game-changer when it comes to relationships. With a wait of a few days, a drastic improvement in your man will be visible, and this is going to improve your romantic life.

So, if the question of investing in this program is still hovering in your mind, then there is only one viable answer to this. The infatuation script is a roadmap to the heart and mind of the man you love. With the understanding of the program, knowing that he is committed and values you will be easy.

If you are still wondering on investing in this program, then just plan it out today. Invest today and make him fall for you and stay in love forever!

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